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How much do you know about the daily maintenance of the glue machine?
1. The first thing we need to know is that the gluer is a very sophisticated thing that looks big. Therefore, in order to make it stick to better conditions, routine protection and maintenance must be essential.
2. Fundamental daily cleaning must be done, every day to clean the work table, can wipe with a soft cloth, adhere to neatness, to ensure that the sensor can be recognized properly.
3. before you go to work, admit that there is still no glue inside. Another is to check to see if the rubber gun is blocked. If the blockage is sorted out in time, it is conducive to the timely handling of the problem.
4. In order to avoid the aging and deion of the sealing ring, the rubber beater can be cleaned and maintained with silicone oil on time, which can better extend the service life of the sealing ring.
5. Keep in mind that the operator should not adjust the pressure gauge at will, which may affect the glue, the quality of the glue and equipment problems.
6. watch the time to see whether the screw on the gluing machine is loose, and whether there is any leakage in the connector. If the problem is reported in time, timely repair should be made to ensure production and safety.

7. In the process of changing glue, care must be taken to clean the air inside. Otherwise, the silica gel fixed-line telephone equipment inside will be easily damaged, which will also affect the quality of gelatinizing.
8. Now Xiaobian can think of as long as so many, if we also think of some problems about glue machine maintenance, welcome to comment with Xiaobian.
9. When flushing the rubber mixer or the rubber nozzle, it is necessary to remember to release the glue inside the rubber nozzle and catch it with a splice board so as to avoid contaminating the equipment.
10. When operating parameters, it is necessary to set the values according to the scale of the demand. Do not set them arbitrarily by yourself, so as to avoid the misinion from the controller and damage the equipment.
11. do not slacken when making glue. Avoid glass dislocations, that is, affect the beautiful and affect the quality of glue.
12. When flushing rubber nozzles and mixers, it is necessary to turn on the rubber nozzle control valve first, and then turn on the rubber feeder, so as to avoid the equipment damage caused by the sharp increase of pressure or safety accidents.
13. Inspecting the glass switch in front of the nose is not blocked by glue. Once blocked, it will definitely delay the operation.
14. What remains is some small points that need to be noticed in daily work, but still can not be taken lightly. For example, if the glue is on the gum and the scraping boards on both sides, it should be cleaned in time.
15. do not put litter on the sucker. Or you can't find anyone to fix it.
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