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  AB glue dispenser, also called double liquid glue dispenser. It is a device specially used for ordering two components of glue. Compared with the general dispensing equipment, it is also pressed by pneumatic control and glue from the cylinder, and the size of the valve is controlled by the valve. The difference is that there are two sets of control systems, which control a glue and B glue respectively.
  The use of AB glue machine manual dispensing valve respectively mobilize tail adjusting screw clockwise rotation, down to reduce the amount of glue, anti clockwise to increase the amount of glue.

  Through the mobilization of pressure tank pressure regulating valve to control the pressure barrel AB glue, so as to control the rate, increase the pressure of glue glue, glue on the other hand, acceleration, slow down. Usually in order to reach AB glue rate equilibrium, more viscous fluidity glue glue the necessary pressure, strong liquidity and a small pressure can.
  In the cleaning barrel AB glue machine glue into the cleaning liquid (water / ethanol / acetone / water that day), high pressure cleaning liquid from the dispensing valve type, can remove residue in the glue gun.
  The above is a two component glue machine today's sharing. Are you satisfied? Welcome to our website: and pay attention to our products. We will provide you with excellent products and sincerely cooperate with you.

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