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Detailed introduction to the operation method and precautions of two-component glue beater
Device of two-component glue beater
1. The equipment of two-component glue beater should be installed in the condition of dull, dust-free and non-corrosive gas. (This requirement differs from other equipment. Of course, if the condition can not reach the maximum, strive for non-corrosive gas, after all, the corrosion resistance of electrical wires and pipes in the equipment is not high.)
2. Indoor temperature should be controlled in a solid indoor air of 10-40 degrees, and the air should be better. (Xiaobian here said that the air level is better, not necessarily very flat, our equipment at the beginning of the design has considered the elements of air complexity, so there is a considerable degree of tolerance for air level, as long as it is not the range of other general can be normal tasks.)
3. Before installing a two-component glue beater, we should first reflect on whether there is deion, damage and loosening of fasteners caused by transportation and moving. Before that, customers have already knocked off a fragmentary part of the intelligent control of the equipment in the process of moving the glue beater, which causes the equipment to fail to work properly. Our task personnel arrived at the airport. Reasons were found after the scene.
4. First of all, we can adjust the elevating anchor bolts of the equipment according to the practice of air smoothness until the equipment is stable. Then connect according to the graph and grounding firmly, and connect the air source to the air source interface of the machine, so as to ensure that there is no air leakage.
5. Fill the tank with hydraulic oil to the designated position, 46# hydraulic oil (about 50 liters).
6. Turn on the power supply and check whether the equipment can work properly.


Notes on Two-Component Glue Punching Machine
1. After the machine operation on that day, the glue in the hose should be washed out to avoid hardening; if long time is not suitable, pay attention to cleaning the hose and gun with kerosene.
2. Silicone glue or polysulfide glue used in two-component glue beater should pay attention to the impurities should not be too high, low-quality glue is easy to obstruct the filter fragments of rubber hose, resulting in poor or uneven glue production.
3. When changing the type of glue, special attention should be paid to rinsing the residual glue in the two-component glue beater, and it is best to clean it, because different types or even brands of glue are easy to react to the obstruction machine.
4. The piecemeal pressure of the hydraulic station can not be adjusted too high. According to the indoor environment temperature and other practical conditions, it can be adjusted to meet the normal tapping average of the rubber nozzle. When turning over the hydraulic station, the rubber gun must be turned over. Otherwise, the pressure of component B pipeline will rise very high, resulting in a safety accident.
5. A rubber-lifting pump lasts for more than 1 minute without ceasing rubber supply. It clarifies that there is air in the pipeline. At this time, the alarm will be given. It is necessary to turn on the upper pipe joint of the pump and turn on the A rubber-lifting pump until the rubber is released, stop and connect the joint, the rubber gun will appear the beeping explosion sound of air, and the air will be discharged clean.
6•●、硅酮胶B 组份遇空气会结壳░,影响泵的正常任务和管路的疏通░,因而░,停机时B组份胶的一切通道在泄压后均应封闭░,使B组份不得接触空气。
6. Component B of silicone gel will crust when it meets the air, which will affect the normal task of the pump and the dredging of the pipeline. Therefore, all passages of component B of silicone gel should be closed after pressure relief, so that component B can not touch the air.
7. Do not stop the gas source during normal tasks. If the gas source is found, the task should be terminated.
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